In this policy, the term "Lessor" refers to Hébergement Le Massif de Charlevoix, while the term "Lessee" refers to any person entering into a contract with Hébergement Le Massif de Charlevoix for the rental of a lodging unit managed by it.


  1. RESERVATION: The Lessee responsible for the booking must be at least twenty-one (21) years old and must be present throughout the entire stay.

  2. PAYMENT POLICY: A 30% prepayment of the total amount will be charged at the time of booking. The remaining balance will be automatically deducted 29 days before arrival, using the credit card provided at the time of booking. 
    In the event of a reservation made less than 30 days before the stay, full payment is required and will be debited at the time of booking.

  3. SECURITY DEPOSIT: Upon arrival, a refundable security deposit ranging from $500 to $1,000, depending on the accommodation unit, is required. This amount must be available on a valid credit card. It will be refunded within 48 hours following the Lessee's departure, subject to compliance with the rental rules and conditions. Failure to comply with these rules may result in penalties (see PENALTIES).

  4. TAXES: Taxes collected on the gross amount include a 5% GST, a 9.975% QST, and a 3.5% lodging tax.


  1. REGULAR SEASON (April 16 to November 30) 

    • 30 days or more before arrival: no charge

    • 29 days or less before arrival: non-refundable (100% of the amount due)

  2. WINTER SEASON (December 1 to April 15)

    • 30 days or more before arrival: 30% non-refundable deposit

    • 29 days or less before arrival: non-refundable (100% of the amount due)

NOTE: In case of two cancellation policies for the same stay, the applicable policy will be determined by the arrival date.

NO-SHOW: No refund in case of a no-show or partial/complete cancellation during the stay.


  1. The Lessor cannot be held responsible for any loss or interruption resulting from a power outage, water supply interruption, or any other situation beyond their control and considered a force majeure event.

  2. The Lessor disclaims any liability regarding forgotten or lost items in the units. Any item found by the Lessor and not claimed after three months will be donated to charity.

  3. For units equipped with a BBQ, the Lessor does not guarantee the operation of the BBQ between October 1 and May 31.

  4. The Lessor reserves the right to access the rented unit at any time, without prior notice or consent of the Lessee, even in their absence.

  5. The Lessor reserves the right to transfer the Lessee to an accommodation unit of equivalent or superior quality without prior notice, at any time.


  1. The Lessee acknowledges and accepts the terms and conditions of the lease.

  2. The Lessee agrees to ensure that anyone present in the accommodation unit has read and understood these lease terms.

  3. By receiving this booking policy, the Lessee assumes responsibility for any losses or damages caused by anyone present in the accommodation unit they have rented. Upon arrival, the Lessee agrees to report to their Lessor any breakages or deficiencies in the inventory, under penalty of being held responsible for these breakages or deficiencies. The Lessee also agrees to reimburse the costs incurred to replace or repair, at the Lessor's discretion, any breakages or deficiencies in the inventory. The Lessee also understands that the conditions outlined in the RULES and SPA USAGE TERMS must be adhered to, subject to the PENALTIES clause.

Last update: April 12, 2024