parc à neige 23-24
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The snowpark is a specially designed track that gathers various types of features such as jumps, ramps, rails, boxes, hits, jibs, halfpipes, quarterpipes, walls, snowcross, profiled surfaces, and more. These elements are intended for the execution of freestyle maneuvers.

We invite you to explore our two snowparks. They are located in the Donald-Bouchard sector and can be accessed from the summit T-bar or the Camp-Boule Express lift. Our snowparks have been designed to provide a progression, allowing everyone who ventures into them to consistently take on challenges suitable for their skills.

parc à neige 23-24

La Mousaillon

Beginner / novice Park

La Moussaillon's snowpark has been created with daring beginners in mind. You'll find three skill areas where you can make your first attempts or refine your techniques.

In Zone 1, you'll discover a box (dance floor) serving as an introduction to features, along with a platform where you can prepare and visualize your descent.

Zone 2 offers four inclined turns to help you become familiar with terrain modulation.

And in Zone 3, let your creativity take over as you explore one of the two series of obstacles and jumps.

Modules and jumps at La Moussaillon's snowpark: dance floor 4ft x 8ft, battleship floor 4ft x 8ft, flat box 16in x 12ft, rainbow box 16in x 12ft, 3ft jump, 6ft jump, 11ft jump.

parc à neige 23-24

La Grande-Pointe

Intermediate / Advanced Park

La Grande-Pointe's snowpark is designed for the more experienced riders looking to dive into a slopestyle concept featuring a mix of jumps and features.

Choose one of the four lines, each presenting an increasing level of difficulty from right to left and from top to bottom.

Modules and jumps at La Grande-Pointe's snowpark: flat t-box 12in x 16ft, battleship t-box 12in x 16ft, mailbox 16ft, whale tail t-box 12in x 24ft, flat 6in pipe, 16ft down flat 12in pipe 8ft x 16ft, down 12in pipe 24ft, cannon 12ft deck 10ft, 15ft jump, 22ft jump, 27ft jump, 30ft jump, 35ft jump, quarter pipe 8ft.

This orange oval symbol designates freestyle terrain such as parks and pipes. SMART style represents freestyle terrain safety. 

Symbole parc à neige

Know it. Respect it. Use it. 


Start small

Work your way up. Build your skills.

Make a plan

Every feature. Every time. 

Always look

Before you drop.


The features and the other users.

Take it easy

Know your limits. Land on your feet.


Ready to hit our snowparks? Don't forget your helmet!

As you explore our slopes and push your limits, make sure to add a crucial accessory to your gear: the helmet! Besides being a wise precaution for yourself, it's also a responsible gesture towards fellow riders. Your safety contributes to making the mountain even cooler for everyone.

Before diving into our snowparks, securely fasten your helmet. Not only will you reduce the risk of injuries, but you'll also inspire other riders to follow your lead. Let's make our snowparks a place where safety and fun go hand in hand!

And don't forget to clear the landing zones!

To ensure everyone's safety, please promptly clear the areas after your jumps and features. By collaborating, we make our playground smoother and safer for everyone. It's the key to fully enjoying the experience while fairly sharing the space. Your cooperation makes our parks a pleasant and secure haven for all snow sports enthusiasts.

Ramps are not meant for launching, okay?

To keep everyone safe, use the designated features and jumps properly. These installations are designed to provide an exhilarating ride while minimizing risks. By following these rules, you contribute to creating a secure and enjoyable playground for everyone.

Inverted jumps are a no-go here!

We want everyone to have fun safely, so let's keep our feet on the ground and experience the adrenaline while respecting the rules. If your skis or boards go beyond the horizon, expect a call-out! Let's adhere to the guidelines to ensure our parks remain the coolest place for everyone.

Let our team do their job when maintaining the features!

When our teams are working hard to keep our installations in top condition, give them space. Your cooperation is crucial for everyone's safety. By following these instructions, you contribute to creating an environment where everyone can have maximum fun. We're working hard to provide you with unforgettable moments, and that can only happen with respect for safety rules.

photo groupe parc à neige

Meet the team

Director / Designer: Clovis Lettre-Racine
Manager: Maxym Léveillé
Groomer / Builder: Florian Wodja
Team Lead: Robin Mejias
Attendant: Samuel Laurin
Attendant: Justin Gareau
Attendant: Justin Couture


Feel free to stop by and talk to a snowpark attendant to ask your questions; they can guide you on the safe way to explore and navigate our parks.

And if you're looking to take the adventure further, inquire with the Snow School to learn more about specialized programs!

By email at
By phone at 418 632-5876, extension 4057