Hébergement employés Massif de Charlevoix

Staff housing

Would you like to stay at the foot of the mountain, one lift away from the first tracks? A brand new employee accommodation is available since December 2022.

Turnkey housing

The building located at the base of the mountain includes turnkey housing with 4 bedrooms or 3 private rooms per unit that will accommodate 59 mountain employees.

A mountain community at the foot of the slopes

With the objective of alleviating the labour shortage, Le Massif de Charlevoix wishes to reinforce the feeling of belonging to a mountain community. In this first project, a common space will be set up in the building to encourage sharing and the creation of links between everyone.

Unit details

Unit description

  • 4 private rooms per unit;
  • Fully equipped kitchen;
  • 2 full bathrooms (showers and toilets) per unit;
  • Open concept living room, kitchen and dining room.

Room description

  • A double bed
  • A closet
  • A desk with chair
  • Private sink

Description of common areas

  • Common rooms
  • Storage space for skis and/or bikes (depending on the season)
  • A laundry room ($)


  • Electricity and hot water
  • Air conditioning
  • Wifi
  • Outdoor parking


  • Bedding 
  • Personal toiletries
  • Cleaning products for the household.


From $625/month* per person