La Cigale et La Fourmi

The opening of the mountain biking season at Le Massif de Charlevoix is just around the corner. To the delight of cycling and outdoor enthusiasts, the mountain aims to double the number of km of mountain bike trails by the end of the season this year.

The objective: to offer more playgrounds for all levels, especially for experts and beginners.

Already about 5 new trails will be ready in the first weeks of the season.

Today we present the two new expert trails, La Cigale and La Fourmi, which are important additions to the offer this season. Trails that will satisfy the amateurs of more technical trails.


An idealist and mountain bike enthusiast

Behind all these beautiful mountain bike development projects is Julien Lévesque-Boulianne, project manager and designer of Le Massif's bike trails. For him, La Cigale and La Fourmi are a great challenge to enhance the experience of more experienced mountain bikers, who will be able to practice all types of skills.


Discover one of the most beautiful places of the mountain in a different way

These two new expert trails, developed by Sentiers Boréals, take place in one of the most beautiful places on the mountain, also being Julien's favorite, Mont Liguori. The ancient coniferous forest, the maple groves, the steep slopes and the impressive views of the St. Lawrence River make this place a real immersion in nature by bike, giving you a lot of thrills and a feeling of adventure.

"The views are simply incredible. It's worth stopping a few times to take in the scenery. You can always see far ahead of you thanks to the mature trees, which is usually very appreciated when cycling," says Julien.

Putting forward the topography of the land

The beauty and technicality of La Cigale and La Fourmi lies in the use of the terrain's topography. The obstacles are entirely natural, following an instinctive descent path. The two trails are complementary, but it is possible to do one without the other. They were both worked manually and mechanically, always putting forward the natural elements of the terrain.

La Cigale, 2 km

The 2 km long trail starts in a very natural section, then opens up into a more flowy and fast section, following the slopes of Mount Liguori, to get the adrenaline pumping right from the start. We cross the famous 800 sector for off-piste skiers. The more technical side of the trail comes from the handmade sections. We think of a series of berms, where rocks are integrated into them, followed by a narrow passage between two trees similar to a slingshot. Last but not least is the optional descent on a very steep slab, being the most imposing obstacle at Le Massif to date.

The access to the Cigale is halfway up the Bus jaune trail.

La Fourmi, 1.75 km

This expert trail lives up to its name, as it begins with a steep 250-meter slope where you may have to push your bike in some places. After the work comes the fun with a descent through the Le Massif maple grove, combining flow and technique. There are obstacles formed by the rocky capes and boulders in this area. The trail ends with another fast and flowy section.

Access to La Fourmi is via La Cigale, Easy Rider, Pattes d'ours, Traversier or the end of Whippet trail. The ascent is the same as the one in sector 550 for those who love alpine hiking in winter.

For experienced riders

La Cigale and La Fourmi are the result of Le Massif's vision to offer a different and unique mountain biking experience for everyone.

It is important to follow a progression before starting on these two expert trails, which are located in remote areas and difficult to access for eventual rescue. It is necessary to have a more advanced technical level as they are more extreme than the other black trails of the Massif which are all more flowy. Caution is required above all.