Télécabine en automne
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Ride on the gondola

Experience the breathtaking panoramic sightseeing and glide between sky, river, and mountain aboard our gondola. It's the ideal activity to rejuvenate and take in the stunning landscapes of the region during the summer season, as well as in spring, fall, or winter.

Balade en télécabine au Massif de Charlevoix

Panoramic gondola ride

The gondola ride is accessible from both the summit and the base of the mountain. If you do not have a season pass, you must purchase a ticket to enjoy this activity.

Gondola Ride Tickets

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General (ages 6 & +)


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Children (ages 6 & -)



The gondola ticket is valid for a single round trip made on the same day. You can disembark from the lift at the base or summit to enjoy hiking trails and take another lift later. The pricing for a one-way trip is the same as a round trip.

The last lift is at 5 p.m. for guests parked at the summit of the mountain and at 4 p.m. for guests parked at the base of the mountain.

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Gondola Hours of Operation

Purchase your ticket

Access cards are reloadable! Keep them all year round.

To maximize your day on the mountain and reduce your wait, follow these steps to purchase your tickets online: 

  1. Create your profile
    IMPORTANT: You must create a profile for each person for whom a ticket will be issued.
  2. Purchase your ticket
    IMPORTANT: You must purchase tickets that match each profile.
  3. Pick up your card
    On your first visit, simply pick up your access card at our ticket office, and you're good to go!

Already have an access card?

Avoid the line and head directly to the lifts with your access card in hand. Whether it's for a daily ticket or a season pass, it can be used from year to year and from season to season. It is directly linked to your profile and can be reloaded with any ticket or pass purchased in our online store.

**Please remove your old access cards and insert your latest card equipped with an RFID chip into its own sleeve to facilitate passage through the barriers. Please note that credit cards, gum wrappers, and other items may interfere with the proper functioning of your ticket.

Terms and conditions

Cashless mountain

Note that since 2021, we no longer accept cash at our service points. Please ensure you have an electronic payment method for all your on-site transactions.