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5 good reasons to stop by Camp Boule restaurant

The school break has finally arrived, bringing with it the excitement of a well-deserved pause! Why not turn this week into a memorable adventure for the whole family? If you're looking for a destination that offers both thrilling activities and moments of relaxation, the mountain is the perfect place to create unforgettable memories. Whether you're a skiing enthusiast, a lover of snowshoe hikes, or simply seeking cozy moments by the fire, a mountain getaway promises to be a rewarding experience for all. And when busy days give way to appetite, there's nothing like a gourmet break at Camp Boule restaurant to recharge your batteries and share delicious moments with your family.

Get ready for an exceptional week where fun, discovery, and bonding will be on the agenda!

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Reason 1: good eats

At Camp Boule, our talented chef, David Forbes, pulls out all the stops with a warm and inviting menu that's perfect for the whole family, from die-hard grill enthusiasts to the youngest mac and cheese fans. Picture yourself savouring delicious grilled dishes prepared over an open flame – a true delight for the taste buds! Our cuisine reflects the seasons and showcases the local delights of Charlevoix, offering an authentic culinary experience bursting with flavour.

Come and discover our foodie universe, where simplicity meets quality and where each dish tells a story of our beautiful region!

Camp boule amis

Reason 2: moments shared

Beyond the delectable cuisine, Camp Boule invites you to create unforgettable memories around the table. Whether it's for a pre-dinner drink with friends, a convivial sharing of a platter of local cheeses, or a moment of indulgence with our delicious homemade desserts, our warm and welcoming atmosphere is perfect for moments of sharing and happiness with family or loved ones.

Settle in comfortably, let yourself be enchanted by the ambiance, and savour every moment spent together in our little culinary paradise. At Camp Boule, we celebrate the joy of living and conviviality, and we can't wait to share these special moments with you!

Camp Boule Cocktail

Reason 3: creative cocktails

Get ready to be dazzled by our creativity in crafting cocktails designed to delight both young and old palates! Whether you opt for a refreshing alcohol-free beverage or one of our special creations for adults, every sip is an explosion of exquisite flavours. Let our talented mixologists surprise you with original cocktails, showcasing local ingredients and unique flavour combinations. Whether you're a fan of fruity drinks, herbal infusions, or bold blends, our cocktail menu offers an extraordinary tasting experience that will awaken your senses and delight the whole family.

At Camp Boule, we believe that every glass is a work of art to be savoured with wonder and pleasure, and we can't wait to introduce you to our palette of enchanting flavours!

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Reason 4: panoramic views

Prepare to be amazed by the panoramic views offered by the Camp Boule restaurant, perched atop our mountain. With its large windows allowing in natural light and providing stunning views of the surrounding landscapes, it's the perfect place to enjoy a meal with family while taking in a breathtaking natural spectacle. Whether under the midday sun or after nightfall, every moment spent at our table is accompanied by a breathtaking view, creating a magical and memorable atmosphere to share precious moments with your loved ones.

Camp boule vin

Reason 5: unparalleled experience

Experience the Camp Boule restaurant from a different perspective! Immerse yourself in a unique nighttime experience with our exclusive package, including a round-trip gondola ride from the base of the mountain, offering a spectacular ascent with breathtaking views, a catski transport to Camp Boule from and to the luge headquarters perched atop the mountain, allowing you to fully enjoy the magic of the night, and a delicious three-course dinner crafted by the talented chef David Forbes, in the comfort of our restaurant majestically overlooking the mountain heights.

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