Le Massif Open au Massif de Charlevoix

The perfect party guide for the Massif Open

Only 4 days left before the great return of the mythical Massif Open to the mountain, after a two-year absence. So we're offering you a little preparation guide to make the most of this day.

Caches de la Grande-Pointe

Prepare your stay in the mountains

When it comes to the excitement of the mountain, it's all about the spirit of the party. In order to enjoy and take part in the biggest après-ski of the season with none other than Clay and Friends, who will set the summit chalet on fire, we offer you several options for sleeping on the mountain. With gatherings back in full swing, why not maximize your weekend with family and friends to make it even more memorable?

Lodging at the top of the Massif
You are 6 to 10 people? Immerse yourself in the heart of nature in a dream chalet. Just put on your skis and you'll be on the slopes.

Lodging at the Massif base
You are from 2 to 8 people? Be at the foot of the mountain near the river and the ski lifts. It's the perfect time to take advantage of the low season prices.


Ski Tickets
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You want more fun, it's possible. We still have some sledding and snowshoeing available for March 26 and 27. 

Le Massif Open au Massif de Charlevoix

Prepare your clothes, it's all about style.

The Massif Open is your chance to dare a funky retro ski look. Get out your old one-piece fluo clothes, your colorful accessories and your most stylish goggles to be the most flamboyant on the slopes. To further motivate you to wow us with your sartorial style, prizes will be awarded for the best outfits of the day. It's all about style.

Clay and Friends

Prepare your festive spirit

Large-scale gatherings are long gone in our memories, so it's time to refresh our memories in a big way. The golden rule for the legendary Massif Open day: fun and just fun. 
Step out of your comfort zone by participating in the Boardercross style competition and showing your skills. Several prizes are up for grabs for the future kings and queens of the slopes.
Lots of music, a lively and overexcited atmosphere. Live this crazy day at the mountain, from start to finish. To the program:

  • Rossignol demo on the Bell terrace at Chalet sommet, starting at 9 a.m.
  • Entertainment presented by RedBull at the bottom of the Le Massif Express gondola lift, starting at 11 a.m.
  • DJ Lucky 7 at the Grand Duc Pub, starting at 11 a.m.
  • Monastère, in the "afternoon terrace" at the Chalet de la base, starting at 1:30 pm
  • Clay and friends in après-ski at the Pub le Grand Duc, starting at 4:30 pm

Consult the event page

Le Massif Open au Massif de Charlevoix

Prepare your legs for spring skiing

We are delighted with the magnificent spring conditions in the mountains. This year, with the 558 cm of snow that fell and that are far from being finished accumulating. We are truly having a season that is exceeding our expectations. Get your legs ready to hit the slopes all day and enjoy spring skiing to the fullest.

Prepare for your return home

Choose your designated driver ahead of time, so you don't have to make a choice on the spot with a drink up your nose.
Your plans are falling through? We'll probably still have some accommodations available. There's nothing like a safe, fun-filled outing that doesn't end in nasty surprises. Let's make room for a legendary day that is making a comeback after a two-year absence.