Mini en ski

Eight tips for skiing with kids at Le Massif

It's finally the weekend, we get the little ones in the car ... let’s head to Le Massif de Charlevoix! Because who says snow says skiing, and who says skiing says big family fun! In order to keep it pleasant and comfortable for all (the kids too!), it is worth planning well in advance. In this article we share some tips to make the most of your day of skiing with the little ones.

Dress Light for the Road

Unless you live a few minutes away from the mountain, restrain from making your kids wear all their gears and clothes on the way there. We warm up the car a few minutes in advance and we remove the jacket, the mittens and the boots (if possible!) By making sure your kids don’t sweat, you reduce the risk of them being cold later during the day.  

Park by the Lodge... or in the Back!

A little extra for families, Le Massif offers a reserved parking area near the slopes. It's great if you don't want to spend the whole morning lugging your little one’s stuff or if you plan on making numerous trips to the car during the day. For our part, since we move a lot around the car when we arrive, we like to park in an empty lot section to allow children to run around freely when we are finally done dressing them up and we get ready. We bring a sleigh with us for the way back to the car when our kids’ legs are all tired. 

Start the Day Dry

I can already hear my child saying "but Ma, my feet don't sweat." Nahhh!! We don’t risk it, we systematically put on dry socks before putting on the ski boots. And for the rest of the clothes, we can never mention it enough... the number 1 enemy of any mountain adventurer is clearly cotton, which preserves moisture. You definitely need to put together a small kit of polyester clothes (or other!) that will keep you dry for several hours.

The Survival Kit to Carry Along

I don't know about you, but here snacks are a must-have since kids... well, they can get tired pretty quickly! There is nothing better than nuts, dried fruit or even gummies to quickly restore a good dose of energy. You can take out the bag of snacks in the middle of a descent when you feel that exhaustion is taking hold of the small legs, or in the gondola while quietly admiring the view.

If your kids get cold easily, carry a few packs of hand warmers. They are, of course, useful for the hands, but they could also be placed, if necessary, in the inner pockets of the jacket to warm the body.

Comforting Warmth at Lunch

After experiencing a season of lunches in the car, we dream about treating ourselves with a delicious warm lunch taken inside! Le Massif always surprises us thanks to its gastronomic offer concocted with local products from Charlevoix clearly standing out of your traditional resort cafeteria. And what about the famous spaghetti of Le Massif... humm! Possibly the best in Quebec! 

Essential element before returning to the slopes after lunch: take the time to change the socks and mittens. The humidity does not play in our favor, we put all the chances on our side by getting dry before going back to the fun. 

Quick Break by the Lodge

When you need to change the momentum a little, nothing beats a good hot chocolate taken at the lodge! You can stop at the top or at the base of the mountain. We take the time to take the sore feet out of the boots during these precious minutes to activate the circulation.

Let Your Imagination Run Wild

When we go to Le Massif, we like to put our parent's imagination to good use. We spend the day looking for the king of the mountain in the woods, who sometimes takes on the appearance of an elf forest with yetis and owls hidden behind the most gigantic trees. We even look for whales while we are in the gondola. Go ahead... focus your adventure on discovery!

And why not start the journey the day before your trip to Charlevoix? Before bedtime, tell your children about your expeditions to Le Massif, your ski outings when you were little. Make them dream of the mountains and their adventure of tomorrow!

Extend the Fun

And speaking of sleep, why not prolong the fun by staying on the site? With kids getting up early (at least here!), it's perfect to be the first ones on the slopes. Whether at the top or bottom of the mountain, you can spend the night in a condominium, in a refuge or in a beautiful large chalet-forest. And what about the view... it is rejuvenating! All units are close to the action and are really comfortable. Pssst! Why not let yourself be tempted by a stay at the brand-new Club Med? An all-inclusive in Quebec... we love it!

If you have older kids (10 years and older), consider booking a toboggan run. An amazing 7.5 km of pure pleasure that they are not ready to forget! But hurry, the departures fill up quickly. 



You are now ready to prepare your getaway to Le Massif de Charlevoix with the little family. The beautiful descents, the cheeks reddened with pleasure and the comforting hot chocolates are yours! So, see you soon on the slopes?