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Come and push your limits in the two exclusive courses for the Harricana Lone Wolf participants. Get your shoes ready, it's time to have fun!

Harricana Lone Wolf Challenge

Follow your progress, test your limits and discover two new trails and a season-long race.

Club Harricana invites runners of all levels and from all corners of Quebec to come and surpass themselves, from June 26 to October 10, 2022, on one of the two marked trails at Le Massif de Charlevoix. Club members will be able to attempt to set their best time in the "Harricana Lone Wolf" challenge, which consists of running the exclusive 17 km and 10 km courses on the mountain. 

New. It is now possible to record your race time throughout the summer with the Harricana timing bib, which will allow runners to surpass themselves in an official ranking that will be built throughout the season. Details below.

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Harricana Lone Challenge dates

June 26–October 10, 2022


17 km and 10 km

On-site services


Exclusive services for participants 

access to the secret Harricana refuge! 

Operations at Le Massif

Le Massif facilities will be open
7 days per week all season long.


For more information, email Club Harricana at or go to their website.

Harricana timing bib

It is now possible to record your race time throughout the summer with the Harricana timing bib while running in the mountains on Club Harricana courses.


Available at Le Massif's boutique, located at the summit chalet, for $16 plus tax.

The timing system is operated by Sportstats.

The chip behind your bib or on your tag is automatically activated when you approach the arch and the detection device. The blue LED will flash rapidly.

You have 10 minutes to start and it is the last detection, following the very first one,
that will be considered your starting time.

Detections are made every 2 seconds. There is no problem to be detected several times because
only the last one within the time limit will be used to determine your start time.

When you return, the first new detection of the chip will determine your race time.

There is no problem with being detected several times because only the first one will be used to determine your
determine your finish time.

Important: Be sure to present the chip in front of the device to ensure detection. The chip must have an unobstructed view (backpack, body, etc.) with the detection device.

The chip and the bib are not mandatory to access the race trails on the mountain.

Night Race | July 22, 2022

Are you intimidated by running at night? You would like to gain confidence on a course to complete in the dark? This outing is for you.

Step out of your comfort zone with Marianne Hogan on Friday evening, July 22 at Le Massif de Charlevoix. Distance of 17 km on our Lone Wolf course, 985 m D+.

Prerequisite: Intermediate trail runner (must have already run more than 20 km)

Limited number of places.

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Services at the mountain

At all times, take advantage of these possibilities during your visit to the mountain:

  • Food service with the Foodtruck on the summit terrace as well as at the Camp Boule mountain snack bar, directly at the summit of the Camp Boule sector, which will open during the summer season.
  • Ski lift, from 10 a.m. to 5 p.m., to make the transition between the base and the summit
  • Enhance your activity with a gondola ride
  • Enhance your stay by opting for lodging on the mountain