Pizza du restaurant du Massif

Winter Dining & Après

Eating well has always been a distinctive pleasure at Le Massif. With a new chef in place, the summit and base cafeterias have been completely revamped with an emphasis on local and healthy ingredients.

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Le Massif's restaurant has a new chef, Yves Moreau, who brings a typically Italian flavor to the mountain.  Except for a few popular dishes, such as the famous spaghetti, the entire restaurant menu is completely revamped.  We are very proud to offer a fresh, tasty and diversified cuisine that explores all possibilities and that is free of fried foods. The new menu will be unveiled soon.

Saumon restaurant Le Massif

Restauration summit chalet


At the top of the mountain, guests will find a more elaborate catering service including an à la carte menu as well as a recurring basic offer.

Please note that the menu may be subject to slight modifications depending on product availability.

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Restauration base chalet

at the base

At the base chalet, guests will be able to enjoy a simplified food offer with soups, sandwiches, lunch boxes, raw vegetables, salads and snacks.

Please note that the menu may be subject to slight modifications depending on product availability.

Après-ski au Massif

Le Grand Duc

at the summit

Every visit to Le Massif should include an après-ski visit to our famous summit bar, Le Grand Duc, where the word “party” lives up to its name. The colourful atmosphere especially comes alive when the DJs and the Sleeman parties are on tap.

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Café-boutique Forêt Gourmande

at the base

For an out-of-the-box food experience, visit our Forêt Gourmande Café-boutique, located at the base of the mountain, and enjoy a taste of the forest and nature in your plate. Dishes, beverages, coffees and desserts are prepared with delicious wild plants that are gathered in Le Massif's inhabited forest as well as in the Charlevoix region and are masterfully prepared by the Faux-Bergers.

Method of payment

Please note that as of 2021, we no longer accept cash at any of our locations. Carry an electronic payment method with you at all times.