A reinvented ski season


We cannot wait to see you at the mountain this season! Although we are awaiting the publication of Quebec’s Public Health guidelines, we have already put certain measures in place in order to ensure your safety and that of our employees. Modifications, reconfigurations, improvements and, of course, restrictions have been outlined so that you can fully enjoy this season despite its particular nature. Below, you will find our complete guide that is broken down into 3 important steps.

**An update will be available shortly on the latest government news on ski mountains.**


GUIDE DU SKIEUR_15-11-20_fr


Following the current evolution of the COVID-19 pandemic, we have no other choice but to restrict the number of guests on the mountain. We will therefore prioritize owners or occupants of property units on the Massif grounds. No reservations will be required for access to the mountain. Daily tickets will be available in advance, in limited quantities.

These changes will allow us to ensure the safety of everyone and maintain the quality of service that we are known for.

We will give further details as soon as we have received the Public Health guideline.

These exceptional measures, in exceptional times, are just temporary. Our main priority is, and always will be, your safety and that of our employees. It is therefore important that we work together and follow the Public Health guidelines. This season will definitely be different and the circumstances will be difficult for everyone. We therefore ask for your cooperation and understanding. Together we will get through it and, one day, see better days.




  • Online ticketing

    We have revised our online store system to facilitate digital transactions and avoid lineups at the mountain’s ticket office. Planning your stay can now be done in advance, from the comfort of your living room. Whether it is for a season pass, a daily ticket or lodging, you can make your transactions securely online.


  •  Season pass price

    Season pass presale prices announced last March will remain as promised the same for the current presale from September 19 to October 12.


  • Rigid card - LE MASSIF VISA

    New subscribers, who do not yet have a rigid Massif card in their possession, will have to pay an additional $ 2.50 + tx to purchase the new Le Massif card. This card that will be granted to you will be valid for the next coming years. You can then top it up directly online for your future subscriptions, without going back to the ticket office or waiting in line. A small step for you, for us and for the environment.


  • Duration of the winter season 2020-2021 The season will start on December 19, 2020 and end on April 11, 2021.
    In order to maintain a winter season for everyone, we had to cut a few days of operation at the start of the season. Certainly, if the weather turns out to be on our side early in the season, we could revise our position. But this reduction in days of operation right now is part of the equation to keep the station in operation 7 days a week, from December 19, 2020 to April 11, 2021.


  • Reduced services on Tuesdays and Wednesdays

  • With the exception of the Holidays (December 24, 2020 to January 3, 2021) and Spring Break (March 1 to March 5, 2021 / March 15, 2021 to March 19, 2021) Tuesdays and Wednesdays will offer a reduced service offer:
      • The Grande-Pointe and Camp-Boule Express will be in operation
  • No more cash

    This year, you can keep your cash for a rainy day! Le Massif is going 100% digital. This means that all your transactions on the mountain must be done either by credit or debit card.


  • Compulsory face masks

    Wearing a face mask or face cover is compulsory in all enclosed public spaces, gondolas and other ski lifts.


  • Wash your hands frequently

    It is mandatory to disinfect your hands as soon as you enter enclosed public spaces. Hand disinfection terminals have been installed at various locations. We also ask that you wash your hands frequently.


  • COVID-19 symptoms

    If you are showing symptoms of COVID-19, please stay home.






The open-concept locker room, which the Summit Chalet inevitably became every winter with personal belongings and lunches scattered throughout the space, is now a thing of the past. In order to ensure that hygiene measures are respected and that everyone has enough space to enjoy a warm meal while still respecting social distancing and health guidelines, Le Massif had to reconfigure the space and restrict the number of people that it welcomed. We are therefore asking for your collaboration and understanding, as this aims to protect everyone.


  • Your car

    When you arrive at the mountain, if possible, please get ready in your car. This means that ideally, you are ready to hit the slopes as soon as you get out of your car. Furthermore, since access to the chalet has been restricted, we ask that you leave your personal belongings in your car. This will prevent you from having to wait in line throughout the day to access your belongings.

    We understand that this situation can be difficult, particularly with young children. Therefore, there will be a limited number of lockers available for rent inside the chalets, so that you can get ready inside. However, please note that you will need to return all your excess belongings to your car.



  • Social distancing

    Please keep a distance of 2 metres between each person at all times. This is especially important in the lineups at the ski lifts, at the ticket office, in all enclosed public spaces and even on the slopes. This is a habit that everyone should follow out of respect for others. For groups or families, please make sure to keep a 2-meter distance with other groups or families. Please note that the distance of 2 metres should be respected on all sides: in the front, in the back and on each side.


  • Space planning

    All our service points are now equipped with plexiglass and our employees will wear the necessary equipment for their own protection and that of others.

    By following the government’s health guidelines, we can accommodate, simultaneously, X people at the Summit Chalet and X at the Base.


  • Need to warm up inside?

    You can do this at the Summit Chalet and the Base chalet in the designated areas.


  • Bathroom

    At the Summit Chalet, we ask that you use the toilet on the lower level. Wear your mask at all times and keep a distance of 2 metres with others. Outdoor toilets will also be added at the summit to better accommodate everyone.


  • Lunchtime

    As you probably already know, lunchtimes at Le Massif, especially on Saturdays, have always been problematic. In order to tackle this problem, while making sure that we can accommodate as many people as possible and respect the government’s health guidelines, we have created a new online reservation system. This online system is already used by several restaurants and will allow you to reserve your time slot at the Summit or Base chalet, whether you are eating your own lunch or ordering a meal at the cafeteria.

    At all times, it is mandatory that you reserve your table. We also ask that you please respect your time slot.

    As it was too complicated in the current circumstances, we unfortunately had to remove the microwaves from the chalets. We therefore ask that you bring a cold lunch, like in the good old days. And, if you need a little warmth, do not hesitate to complete it with a good soup or hot drink from the cafeteria!


The tables will be disinfected after each use.


  • Snow school

    When you come to the snow school, please wear your face mask or face cover and respect a 2-meter distance with everyone.

    The meeting point will now be outside of the building.

    For all those who need to rent equipment, you must now pick it up directly from the rental shop. There will be no equipment available at the snow school. Please see rental guidelines below.

    The snow school awaiting confrimation if private lessons and group lessons in a family unit can take place. In the orange, yellow or green zone, the snow school is open with the training of small groups. 

    As soon as the measures are reduced, we will inform you quickly.


  • Shop

    Come visit us at the shop and wear your face mask or face cover at all times, while respecting a 2-meter distance with other customers and employees.


  • Rentals

    You can still rent your equipment on site, but you now also have the option to do it in our online store. All you will have to do is present your proof of purchase at the rental shop to receive your boots. Our team will then direct you to the outdoor kiosk to collect the rest of your equipment.


  • Bar / Après-ski

    Unfortunately, there will be no bar service or après-ski box in the red zone.


However, please note that, much to our regret, our live shows on Saturdays, which are indisputably part of Le Massif’s DNA, will be cancelled for the season. But please be assured that, as soon as things get back to normal and that we can guarantee your safety and that of our employees, these après-ski events will come back with a bang!



As you know, exceptional times call for exceptional measures. But this is only temporary. Our main priority is, and always will be, your safety and that of our employees. It is therefore important that we work together and follow the Public Health’s guidelines. This season will certainly be different and the circumstances will be difficult for everyone. We therefore ask for your cooperation and understanding. Together we will get through it and, one day, see better days!


We thank you for your constant support, your loyalty and your love for the Massif mountain. We will all get through this year 2020 together, and come back even stronger for the next few seasons thanks to all of you.