1. All daily tickets purchased are prepaid through our website and valid for the chosen date.

  2. Quantities of daily tickets are limited.

  3. The daily tickets must first be collected from the outdoor ticket office in the form of a rigid card, Le Visa du massif, which must be kept for future visits The next daily ticket transactions will be recharged on the same card.

  4. The daily ticket is refundable up to 3 days (72 hours) before the first day of intended use. It is non-refundable after this period. Product cancellation must dine by mail at info@lemassif.com or by phone 1-877-536-2774 ext: 4043.

  5. The daily ticket is not transferable from one season to another. It is valid during the season for which it was purchased. Only in the event of a season cancellation due to COVID-19, the remaining tickets can be transferred to the next season or refunded, at no additional cost.
  6. Any daily ticket issued remains the property of Le Massif.

  7. The cardholder must have his ticket with him at all times and must present it to any ski area representative when so requested.

  8. The daily ticket cannot be loaned, sold or reproduced. Infractions will result in the immediate confiscation of the pass and could lead to legal prosecution.

  9. In case of loss, theft or forgetfulness, please notify us immediately by dialing 1-877-536-2774 ext: 4043. Your ticket may be replaced. A fee of 2, 50$ will be charged.

  10. The cardholder pledges to respect the mountain code of conduct in its entirety. This code has been adopted in virtue of the bi-law on safety in sports, and it applies to anyone practising a slide sport. Le Massif reserves the right to cancel, confiscate or suspend a season pass for infractions to the mountain code of conduct, or for fraudulent use. A season pass is issued only when the pass holder has agreed to abide by the above codes and regulations in effect. In cases where the cardholder is at fault, sanctions will apply without notice or refund.

  11. The daily ticker entitle legitimate cardholders to use all Le Massif installations. The purchaser of a daily ticket or the cardholder, whether ownership is legitimate or not, agrees to assume all risks and consequences arising from the acquisition, possession or use of the season pass.

  12. Cardholder agree there are inherent risks and dangers to practicing a slide sport, of which they are aware. Cardholders accept all risks of personal injury and assume full responsibility for material damages resulting from the said risks and dangers. among others, the following are included among the risks and dangers inherent to practicing a slide sport:
  • Opening date and length of a ski season;
  • Changing climatic conditions or poor snow conditions;
  • Changes in steepness of the slope;
  • Presence of natural obstacles/features and on-mountain conditions. All natural on-mountain conditions including ditches, crevices and streams, rocks, earth, areas with no snow coverage, trees, tree regrowth, natural bushes and stumps, and any other natural obstacle;
  • Presence of ice/icy patches;
  • Changes to surface conditions;
  • Collisions with skiers or other persons;
  • Presence of towers, pylons, posts, poles and any other structure used by ski area operations, including collisions with any of these elements;
  • Use of ski lifts;
  • Presence on-trail of mobile grooming equipment, emergency vehicles and snowmaking equipment.

13.  Cardholder agree to pay a minimum fee of $250 for personal rescues conducted in off-trail sectors or on closed trails.


By purchasing a daily ticket, the cardholder acknowledges having read the above mentioned conditions of use and agrees to comply with them.