Mountain Bike Policy

Mountain Bike Tickets

Due to the measures put in place to reduce COVID-19, we’ve limited the number of tickets available in order to offer the best experience to our clients (easier to respect physical distancing and reduce waiting time for the chairlifts and the gondolas).

 You must therefore purchase your tickets in advance in our online store.

  • If you visited our mountain during the winter 2020-2021 season and have the Massif Visa card, it remains valid for the 2021 summer season.
  • You must come to the ticket office, the day of your activity, with a proof of purchase to pick up your tickets for the day.

To go up the mountain, you must use the chairlifts and the gondola.

  • There are no paths up the mountain. 
  • The Massif has a vertical drop of more than 650 m and it is a steep terrain. It is most probably the longest and most difficult uphill climb in Quebec and the Massif is only at an early stage of development!
  • It is forbidden to go up the ski slopes, one-way bike paths or getting a ride to access the trails.
  • The tickets not only include the gondola ride, it also includes access to the trails.

Electric Bikes

  • Electric bikes are allowed on the trails.
  • However, you must purchase a ticket. It is impossible to go up the mountain with your electric bike for the moment. 

Courtesy Is Always Best 

  • The trails were created to welcome people from all levels: beginners, intermediates and experts. We therefore ask that you remain courteous on the trails so that everyone can enjoy their day safely. 

Bike trails code of conduct  

  • Always wear a bicycle helmet; 
  • Control your speed and don't push your limits; 
  • Yield to others wheb asked to;
  • Respect the level ot the trail you are one. Beginners get first priority on green trails;
  • Always be courteous to others; 
  • Maintain a reasonable distance from others on the bike trails. Take your tim, you are all here to have fun. 

It is strictly forbidden to ride on the bike trails when we have to close them due to bad weather. 

You are responsible for any damage to your bike while on the trails, so please have the necessary equipment for any repairs you might need. 

Have you thought of bringing 

  • An air tube;
  • A mini bicycle pump; 
  • A multifonction tool; 
  • A tire changer; 
  • A cellphone;
  • First aid kit 

To see the measures we put in place to reduce COVID-19, please click here