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Le Massif de Charlevoix's sustainable development and social commitment

Sustainable development has always been at the heart of Le Massif Charlevoix's development vision: limiting the number of lodging units, densification of reception infrastructures in order to avoid deforestation, optimization of existing facilities, selection of activities with the least impact on the environment, reduction of residual materials, energy-saving construction certifications ensuring its sustainability. In particular, the building layout was meticulously designed to respect the curves of the mountain and minimize the footprint.

For the years to come, we want to make commitments that reflect our mission and honor the pillars of our brand. Commitments that will not only define the touristic destination that represents us, but will also be a source of motivation and and inspiration to our employees, partners, community and
partners and future generations.

Our priorities

To enhance the effectiveness of our commitments, we will give priority to 4 actions within the next 3 years:

1.  4-season transformation of the mountain

In order to perpetuate the access to the territory for the generations to future generations.

2.  Sustainable mobility program

In order to allow the mobility of our guests and employees while aiming to reduce our environmental impact.

3. Support regional mental health organizations

In order to offer a better quality of life to the residents of Charlevoix with various mental health disorders.

4. Regional Accessibility Program

In order to promote healthy lifestyle habits among Charlevoix residents especially among the youngest.

1.  4-season transformation of the mountain

Our development vision calls for meaningful, small-scale and sustainable for
years to come. Development that will serve as an economic engine for the region, and create value for the province as a whole, becoming a recognized draw and world-class recreational and tourism destination.


4-season programming adjusted to the new climatic realities and  the expectations of the tourist clientele in search of quality innovative and authentic experiences.

Small-scale real estate development to increase capacity to welcome the tourist clientele while optimizing occupancy.

Sponsor of the Prix Attraction at the Gala Charlevoix recognizes, a category which recognizes the power of attraction of a activity, event or cultural / recreational site.

Ongoing development of a strong employer brand including a distinctive proposition: year-round jobs on-site accommodation, etc.

2.  Sustainable mobility program

In order to encourage sustainable tourism we are putting in place various initiatives to
reduce the carbon footprint of our guests and employees.


Implementation of an impressive network of electric charging stations making Le Massif de Charlevoix one of tourism center with the most important networks of charging stations.

Pilot project with Alstom to put on tracks the first zero-emission train in America.

Collaboration with Mobilité collective Charlevoix for the collective transportation our employees between Petite-Rivière- Saint-François and Baie-Saint-Paul.

Addition of electrically assisted recreational vehicles to get around the mountain and its surroundings.

3. Support regional mental health organizations

We care about people's health, which is why our organization wants to improve the conditions for people with various mental health issues in the  in the region.


Promotional support for Bell Let's talk on its annual theme day every year in January.

Creation of the Défi l'Appel de la montagne presented by Bell Lte's talk with all proceeds going to local mental health and addiction organizations.


4. Regional Accessibility Program

This social commitment will be a natural extension of our corporate mission which is to "encourage healthy lifestyles by developing a love of sports, particularly among people in the region, especially among youth".


Resident's days for Petite-Rivière-Saint-François

  • Discounted skiing on a Sunday per year

  • Free gondola ride one
    Sunday per year

  • Free evening gondola tickets in winter 2023-24

School programs

  • Specific programs for Petite-Rivière-Saint-François Elementary School and Baie-Saint-Paul High School

  • Programs offered to schools in the region and province

Support for Horizon Charlevoix

  • Financial support for the organization

Support to clubs de ski

  • Supporting the organization of
    regional and provincial races
    of Le Massif de Charlevoix clubs

Club Med discount

  • 20% discount on the
    day pass for
    Club Med day pass for all Charlevoix residents,
    depending on availability

Subscription reciprocity between Mont Grand-Fonds and Le Massif de Charlevoix for several days in January


Other daily green commitments


Green Committee: actionschosen and under taken byour employees to preserve and promote the uniqueness of the territory on which Le Massif de Charlevoix is located

Solar-powered lighting in some residential areas

Raising awareness on the fragility of the inhabited forest of le Massif de Charlevoix and its rich and unique ecosystem classified as a World Biosphere by UNESCO

Continuous improvment of the systems reduction and and management of waste management systems

Club Med: 

  • Breeam certification,

  • Prix Construire of l'Association
    de la construction du Québec