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Le Massif de Charlevoix's Sustainable Development and Social Commitment

Sustainable development has always been at the heart of Le Massif de Charlevoix's vision and includes limiting the number of lodging units, optimizing existing facilities as well as selecting activities with the lowest environmental impact possible. Since its creation 20 years ago, the Groupe Le Massif (GLM) has contributed in various ways to the infrastructural development of the region and further its influence. 

4 main areas

1.    Aiming for year-round mountain sustainability
2.    Helping to slow down global warming
3.    Promoting healthy lifestyle habits among the region's youth
4.    Supporting various regional causes related to mental health issues

1. Aiming for year-round mountain sustainability

Until today

  • History

  • Groupe Le Massif has been contributing to the region’s economic development since its creation

  • Its contribution has allowed the region to enjoy a variety of facilities that have since been handed over to the community, including the Germain Charlevoix multi-purpose room, the Hôtel Germain Charlevoix, formerly known as Hôtel la Ferme, and the rebuilding of the Charlevoix Train track.

For the coming years

  • Groupe Le Massif wishes to focus its development efforts on the mountain in order to make it an economic hub for the entire region, all year-round;

  • The next initiatives will center around real estate development and programming that will allow year-round access to the mountain, thereby generating employment all year long;

  • Groupe Le Massif wants to position itself as an important source of value creation for the region that attracts tourists from outside Quebec.


2. Helping to slow down global warming

Until today


  • History
  • Real estate densification, solar-powered lighting in certain residential areas, removal of plastic utensils, reduction of single-use plastic containers and more. Many small actions that make a difference.
  • Club Med Québec-Charlevoix contributes in its own way to the reduction of residual materials through various company policies: banning of plastic, integration of a biomethanization system for composting. For more information, please consult the various policies here.

For the coming years

Program No. 1 : Reduction of residual materials

Phase 1 : Waste audit and addition of new sorting stations. GLM and its partner Coca Cola added new recycling sorting stations in 2020. They also conducted a waste audit to analyze the situation and take concrete and sustainable measures.

Program No. 2 : Sustainable Mobility

One of the focuses of Le Massif's sustainable development plan is taking concrete actions to contribute to slowing global warming. One of these actions is Le Massif's commitment to promoting sustainable and active transportation. The first concrete step towards the achievement of this objective is to set up a network of charging stations at the mountain for electric and hybrid cars.
Le Massif has always been a pioneer in this area. There are already twenty charging stations available to customers, either at the Club Med, at the summit parking lot or in certain rental chalets.  
Today, Le Massif is officially announcing that, thanks to the contribution of Porsche, 6 more charging stations will be available this spring. Four charging stations will be installed at the summit parking lot and two more will be installed at the base.  
Other initiatives are currently being planned to reduce greenhouse gas emissions and will be announced shortly.

By spring 2022: A total of 26 charging stations for electric will be installed

  • 17  charging stations at the summit:
    • 10 Tesla charging stations (free of charge);
    • 7 universal charging stations – stations added, courtesy of Porsche (free of charge).
  • 2 universal charging stations at the mountain’s base chalet – charging stations added, courtesy of Porsche (free of charge)
  • 3 rental chalets with charging stations;
  •  4 charging stations at the Club Med.

3. Promoting healthy lifestyle habits among the region’s youth

  • History: since its creation, GLM has contributed to the promotion of healthy lifestyle habits among the region's youth, a natural extension of our company’s purpose.

  • Horizon Charlevoix: Groupe Le Massif was one of the founders of the organization and has helped, through its programs, to provide local youths with access to sports.


School programs: every year, hundreds of young people in the region get a privileged access to the mountain.

  • Petite-Rivière-St-François elementary school program

  • The school catch up program at St-Aubin high school in Baie-St-Paul: a class of 20 students have free access to the mountain. Internships will also be offered to these outdoor enthusiasts in order to keep them motivated in school.

  • School programs throughout the region: to take advantage of these programs, please contact our team at

Inter-mountain program: every year, Le Mont-Grand-Fond pass holders can come and ski in January and, in return, Le Massif pass holders are welcomed at Le MGF. It's a great collaboration between both ski resorts that allows locals to enjoy these two extraordinary mountains.

4. Supporting various regional mental health-related causes

History: numerous philanthropic contributions to the region, sometimes in the field of health, sometimes in the arts or access to sports.

For the next few years, Groupe Le Massif's commitment will be focused on causes relating to mental health and will work alongside Bell Canada, which has been involved with this cause for several years.

Requests for donations and sponsorships related to this can be sent to Groupe Le Massif is working with local organizations to establish eligibility criteria and application process. We will be making further announcements on this soon.