To know everything about the mountain biking experience at the Massif de Charlevoix


Frequently Asked Questions

    • Is it just downhill?
    • What kind of bike should I come with?
    • Are there any trails to go up the mountain?
    • Is the ascent only by gondola?
    • Can I take the path or the sledding run?
    • Can we go back up by electric bike or by shuttle?
    • How many tracks are there?
    • How many kilometers offers the mountain?
    • Are the slopes accessible for beginners?
    •  Are there any technical difficulties?
    • Are there jumps and obstacles?
    • Will there be a contingency in the mountains?

Is it just downhill?

These are not exclusively downhill trails. Although it is mostly downhill trails, there are some climbs, some flat, in short you definitely have to pedal in some places.

 What kind of bike should I come with?

You can come with enduro, cross country, double or single suspension bikes. Downhill bikes are not recommended as you have to pedal in a few places.

Bikes over 55 lbs as well as electric Fat Bikes are not accepted in the mountains. Our supports on the chairlifts do not support them. List of bicycle forbidden at the mountain:
  • Bicycle without brakes
  • Bicycle with only 1 brake
  • Any type of child seat
  • Any type of trailer
  • Any type of urban or hybrid bike for children
  • No tandem system
  • Scooter
  • Tricycle
  • Practice wheels
All bikes should be qualified as Mountain Bikes
All bikes must have 2 brakes, front and rear
The Bungee system should only be used for the Yellow Bus and Ferry climb. Never downhill.
The tires must have studs. No tires smooth

Are there any trails to go up the mountain?

No, the network is currently designed according to the cable car lifts. Despite some uphill sections, there is no trail that takes you up the mountain. We must not forget that the difference in altitude of the Massif's bike trails is over 650m and the terrain is very steep. It would probably be the longest and most difficult climb in Quebec and the Massif is only at the very beginning of its development.

Is the ascent only by gondola?

Most of the ascent this year will be via the Grande-Pointe chairlift. One support per chair will be installed there. The gondola will be back-up on Saturdays and probably Sundays during heavy traffic.

The mountain access paths are not suitable for cycling (very steep and uneven slopes) and serve as links between the top and the base for our vehicles. No markup or surveillance will be carried out. They are therefore strongly discouraged for cycling. Their ascent is at your own risk and does not exempt you from having a ticket to use the rest of the trails.


Can we go back up by electric bike or by shuttle?

We are aware that many of you now own electric bikes. Although these bikes make it easier to go up big drops, they do not give you the right to access the trails, even if you go up on your own. The purchase of a ticket remains compulsory. The same is true for those who plan to use the trails by organizing shuttles.

How many trails are there?

We are ready to offer you a total of 13, including the ties. These are not all top to bottom tracks. The trail map will be available to you shortly on trailforks.

How many kilometers the mountain offers?

Nearly 20 km will be accessible to you for the year 2021.

Are the slopes accessible for beginners?
The slopes are designed to have fun at all levels. If you are a beginner, you will find your account there. If you are expert, you will find different lines, double jumps, different obstacles. All levels will have fun for all speeds.

Are there any technical difficulties?

At the moment all the tracks are very flowy. Le Massif is at the very beginning of its development. New avenues will emerge over the next few years.

Are there jumps and obstacles?

There is a jumpline type track called Whippette, as well as a pumptrack type track in the woods. But you will find different hidden obstacles for those who can read the different lines of each track.

Will there be a contingency in the mountains?
To ensure a maximum experience for all, and to avoid long lines at the chairlifts, season passes and day tickets are sold in limited quantities. With the use of the Grande-Pointe ski lift, the addition of support and the operation of the gondola on Saturdays during high traffic, we do not see a long queue. The reception capacity is much higher than that of last fall.


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