The Great Horned Owl Event

Season 2017-2018

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The Great Horned Owl Event

  • Location: The Mountain
  • Type: Food+Terroir

Beyond a doubt, the Great Horned Owl Event is the winter’s top foody get-A must-attend event! Mountain sports challenges, the Rossignol fashion show, summit chalet après ski worthy of Le Massif’s reputation, participation prizes, a costume contest, DJs and a free show! It’s THE party of the year!

On the menu at $ 4 tx included per bite

  •   Panini with Tome D'Elle, rocket oil and quinoa beluga salad
  • Merguez with lamb, tabbouleh
  • Sautéed chicken teryaki and rice vermicelli, coriander and peppers
  • Barley risotto and wild mushrooms
  • Cassoulet, confit duck wings
  • BBQ pork skewer and sauerkraut