Après-Ski show - Dr.Tony et les Cobayes

Season 2018-2019

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Après-Ski show - Dr.Tony et les Cobayes

  • Location: Summit Lodge
  • Type: Music

Music makes people happy by honing in on their brains. When someone listens to music, the intense pleasure triggers the release of dopamine. Our ancestors used music to relieve pain and today is no different. Dr. Tony et les Cobayes rely on this theory to administer their musical treatment.

Born in Charlevoix and in Quebec, the group members are Antoine Bégin, playing guitar; Jean Normand, playing base; Maxime Gagné, playing drum and Yves Castonguay and Alycia Dufour, both signers. The doctor prescribes you an important dose of classic and modern country/rock-and-roll hits. The perfect remedy for any ailment!