Saison 2017-2018

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  • Location: Chalet Sommet
  • Type: Musique

Here are the 5 DJ's who, throughout the season, will animate your après-ski!

Michael Gagnon / DJ Vamp

Photo Michaelgagnon

A young entrepreneur in the Quebec City area, DJ Vamp is a great music enthusiast. With more than four years of experience, his pleasure to mix is ​​always as intense as at the beginning. His ultimate goal is to pass on his musical passion to his audience at each of his events.

Jessica Dufour

Photo Jessicadufour

Inspired by some disc jockey female in the industry, Jessica has perfected her mixing talent in a lightning manner. The young woman from Quebec City participated in numerous student and corporate events and was in control of another ski resort last winter. Her enthusiasm in music will make you dance for many hours..

Justin Rodrigue

Photo Justinrodrigue

Disc jockey for more than four years, Justin is always trying to push the limits. Desiring to meet new challenges, he does not hesitate to find new places to practice his art. At every event, he is dedicated to giving a unique experience to the dancers of his dance floor.

Yanick Audet / DJ Space

Photo Yanickaudet

As a disc jockey and entertainer since 2004, DJ Space has experienced countless events in weddings, corporate and private parties. Able to maintain a festive rhythm on a dance floor, it will impress you with its musical diversity.

Mathieu Bisson / DJ Buffalo

Photo Mathieubisson

Passionate for more than a decade, DJ Buffalo has mastered the art of inflaming dance floors at many events in the Quebec City area. Versatile in its musical style, it is able to adapt to any eventuality. With its presence, it is undoubtedly that your evening will experience a memorable success.

March 24, 2019

Tomorrow at Le Massif

-7 °C max.

The week looks good, because the sun is expected every day! Snow conditions are changing a lot these days. They are often firm in the morning and soften during the day. That's why it's good to start in the freshly groomed trails and finish in the natural trails that have been exposed to the sun all day. 
0cm 24 hours
26cm 48 hours
26cm 7 days
Groomed snow
Open trails
Open lifts
  • open Camp-Boule Express
  • open Grande-Pointe Express
  • closed Maillard Express
  • open Massif Express (Gondolas)
  • closed Tapis Magique
  • open Téléski secteur débutant
Summit webcam
2019-03-24 15:45
Base webcam
2019-03-24 15:45