Benjamin Gagnon

The Concept

The Train of Le Massif de Charlevoix invites you to enjoy a 140 kilometre rail cruise experience on a route across spectacular scenery, between Québec City and La Malbaie.

On your one-day excursion, set yourself free to experience the Charlevoix in its every detail. How? By embarking on a discovery rail cruise that encompasses both its landscapes, and its flavours. And mostly, by letting yourself be filled with the legends and hidden treasures of a region so rich in history.

So make way for an adventure in culture and gastronomy where the beauty of the scenery unfurls, omnipresent, nourishing both the heart and spirit.

The On-Board Experience: Beyond Travel, the Staging

The Train and its team have magically created on-board ambiences integrating a wealth of information-based content, conveyed via state of the art technology.

What results is an atmosphere at once playful and evocative that reveals the Charlevoix under fresh perspectives. Technology - discreetly integrated into the experience – lends a voice to history…and the magic begins.

Let yourself be carried away!

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