Enjoy more of Le Massif de Charlevoix and save on the Train and Hôtel La Ferme

La Ferme for Foodies

From $425 | 2 guests (double occupancy)

Here at Hôtel La Ferme, we make your mouth water from sunrise to sunset

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"The Works" by La Ferme

From $785 | 2 guests (double occupancy)

Treat yourself to a couples’ massage followed by a David Forbes signature dinner showcasing exquisite Charlevoix flavours.

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Cocooning at La Ferme

From $515 | 2 guests (double occupancy)

Head to Spa du Verger where no attention to detail has been spared. Treat yourself to countless sweet pleasures while admiring the scenery.

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Romance at La Ferme

From $325 | 2 guests (double occupancy)

Indulge in a romantic Hôtel La Ferme escapade, and revel in those lovely little attentions that make all the difference.

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