A unique concept

5 pavilions, inspired from farm buildings of bygone days.

Located in the heart of Baie St-Paul, about an hour from Quebec City, Germain Hotel Charlevoix is a vast hotel complex spread across five pavilions, inspired from farm buildings of bygone days.

Fanned out around an outdoor courtyard, each pavilion offers a distinct architecture, decor and ambience in homage to the site’s cultural and historical heritage.


A great human adventure

Germain Hotel Charlevoix is all about a certain lifestyle. Every day, a great human adventure unfolds here: friendships are woven, conversations are lively, and one after the other, a succession of events take place, each offering an opportunity to meet new people and learn new things.

Trying to break away from routine? Germain Hotel Charlevoix provides a back-to-the-roots experience, and its bucolic spirit extends an invitation to relax and rejuvenate.

With so much distinctive character to experience, guests will return time and again if only to more fully appreciate all the beauty and diversity of Le Germain Hotel Charlevoix’s five unique pavilions.

Discover the pavilions and rooms

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The 5 pavilions

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A distinctive design

Contemporary but rooted in history

With its pure lines and contemporary touches, Le Germain Hotel Charlevoix stands in the very footprint of the old farm that belonged to the Little Franciscans of Mary. Respectful to its roots, it blends both past and present in perfect harmony. Five pavilions occupy the grounds much like the bygone farm buildings.

An iconic barn door painted red opens onto a public square where an atmosphere of joyful energy prevails, mixing local and international guests. From its kitchens and restaurants to its guest rooms and public areas, Le Germain Hotel Charlevoix spotlights Charlevoix culture in a creative, artistic fashion. It’s all about ethno-design, or revisiting the past with a fresh and modern outlook.

Discover the pavilions and rooms