Who We're Looking For

Model Profile

Positive Attitude: A Must

Since our goal is above all, to ensure our guests take away the most positive and memorable experience possible, we’re looking for people who, like us, will prioritize guest satisfaction at all times.

Whether you are from our fair region or elsewhere, you will be a proud ambassador and become an essential part of the overall guest experience.

Here are key skills for joining the Massif de Charlevoix team:

  • Ability to work as part of a team
  • Excellent sense of customer service 
  • Capacity to adapt
  • Passion
  • Sense of responsibility
  • Attention to quality and efficiency at the workplace

Given the diversity of employment offers within Le Massif de Charlevoix, we have created various job categories to help you - no matter what type of position you are seeking.

General: Operational positions requiring little or no training. What counts is your attitude with our clients!
: Housekeeping staff, snowmaking personnel, trackmen, etc.

Customer Service: Front line positions where you’re a company ambassador with our clients. These positions require a fluency in English and French. Training in the relevant field is a serious asset.
: Guest services representative, service attendant, access control guard, etc.

Technical/Trades: Front line positions requiring specific technical skills with varying degrees of training.
Examples: Cook, patroller, railyard mechanic, etc.

Administration & Coordination: Positions requiring experience as well as administrative or coordination skills.
Examples: Administrative assistant, accounting clerk, public relations agent, etc.

Supervision & Management: Positions requiring skills and experience in team management and strategic planning, with a specialty in task related fields.
Examples: Lodging manager, administrative services manager, front desk supervisor, track supervisor, etc.