Benjamin Viant

Project Overview


Le Massif de Charlevoix is the brainchild of one man. Visionary and co-founder of Le Cirque du Soleil, Daniel Gauthier, businessman, sees big things for Charlevoix, a region he aims to establish as a four-season tourist destination of international aplomb.

From the outset, Gauthier has worked not alone but in constant collaboration with project partners, according to strictly sustainable development principles. The project’s ultimate aim is to contribute to a better world.

Deeply creative, Daniel Gauthier strives for difference. He has founded this project on his own values and in doing so, intends to bring together a community of sensitive, curious, like-minded people for the cause.

With an uncanny application of creative abandon, painstaking precision, cultural and social sensitivity, Le Massif de Charlevoix humbly sets its legendary landscapes, salt-of-the-earth people, gorgeous gastronomy and storied service as the stage for deeply personal experiences within one of Quebec’s most beloved regions.

A Little History

Each year, Charlevoix’s larger-than-life landscapes lure thousands of visitors to its coasts. For ages, this picturesque region has been a haven for artists and artisans come for the inspiration sourced from within its majestic mountains.

Whether gastronomic or artistic, culture continues to enjoy a place of pride within this region recognized since 1989 as a UNESCO Biosphere Reserve. The confluence of cultures in the Charlevoix is largely responsible for the wealth and richness of the experiences to be had here to this day.

Whether people come to whale-watch or sample the savoir-faire of local food producers and artisans, Charlevoix aspires to international, four-season destination status.

Vision & values

  • A place of learning, discovery and fun; a place of total freedom of action, thought and movement;
  • A unique venue for culture, creativity, innovation and imagination;
  • An ecological showcase and destination to explore and understand the elements;
  • A variety of original programs rallying certain key themes: culture, science, sports, wellness and adventure.

Four values are intrinsic to the development of the project:

  • Respect: for mankind and nature.
  • Enjoyment: of the senses through communion with a nature bigger than oneself
  • Challenge: the search for balance through the surpassing of oneself both physically and spiritually.
  • Exchange: an awareness of giving and taking.


  • The omnipresence of a vision of sustainable development
  • Concern for repercussions on the region; inclusive of existing tourism draws
  • A development on a human scale, one that allows you to feel as free as the wind, alone in the world, yet able to be surrounded when the mood strikes you
  • A varied range of lodging, from traditional to smartly modern (river-homes, forest-chalets , villas, inns, hotel…)
  • Contemporary architecture with properties unique to the times; renewable energy sources (biomass sources, using solar energy, etc…)
  • A range of transportation; everything from dogsled to destination train, from the luge to the electric car
  • A robust gastronomy fuelled by local producers, movers and shakers; chefs and cooks passionate about what’s in every restaurant casserole
  • Multiple destinations within a destination, with programming to suit every taste – from dyed-in-the-wool nature buffs, to luxury spa and leisure aficionados.

Scope and impact

  • An eclectic variety of over 500 lodging units in the first phase of its real estate project (inns, chalets, destination spa, signature homes such as forest-chalets and river-homes);
  • 350 jobs/year created during construction; over 600 permanent employment positions created at full operating capacity.