2012-13 Show-Z-Après-Ski Series

Every Saturday, why not cap off a splendid day at the Mountain with a free après ski show at the Summit Pub! On stage all season long is a stellar lineup of renowned and emerging artists offering electrifying musical performances in friendly, relaxed surroundings.

The Show-Z-après-ski concert series ? where skiers and riders have rendezvoused for over 10 years!


  • Les Tireux d’Roches

    Les Tireux d’Roches: December 29 2012

    Come warm up with Les Tireux de Roches, seven very merry traditional folk musicians! merci de cliquer ici

  • Les Crackers

    Les Crackers: January 5 2013

    A must-attend show featuring a happy blend of classic and pop cover songs! merci de cliquer ici

  • Poptron

    PopTron en formule karaoké: January 12 2013

    PopTron consists of five dynamic musicians who rival one another in versatility and energy. Come join them onstage, and place your talent as a singer squarely under the spotlight!merci de cliquer ici

  • La Descente du Coude

    La Descente du Coude: January 19 2013

    La Descente du Coude ? An explosive, clever, show-stopping rock performance. merci de cliquer ici

  • They Call Me Rico

    They Call Me Rico: January 26 2013

    They Call Me Rico is a brand new solo spin from Madcaps' lead vocalist, Frédéric Pellerin, aka : Rico...merci de cliquer ici

  • Charlie Price Band et Monya Mathieu

    Charlie Price Band et Monya Mathieu: February 2 2013

    A quartet that delivers the best of rock from A to Z, in a non-stop string of classic hits. Heaven for electric guitar lovers. merci de cliquer ici

  • Peakafeller and the Zelektro Gang

    Peakafeller and the Zelektro Gang: February 9 2013

    In a rare live performance, come discover their signature electro rock house sound. A show that deserves to be seen, heard and…danced to!merci de cliquer ici

  • Mauves

    Mauves: February 10 2013

    Flip the switch and fly into the universe of Mauves, a high-octane pop rock quartet here to fill your ears! merci de cliquer ici

  • Misstress Barbara

    Misstress Barbara: February 16 2013

    Artist-producer Misstress Barbara is casting her spell again, she who sets dance floors ablaze on the four corners of the globe!merci de cliquer ici

  • La Banquette Arrière

    La Banquette Arrière: February 23 2013

    Come dance to the biggest hits from the 70s until today with high-energy, highly versatile La Banquette Arrière!merci de cliquer ici

  • Steeve Hill

    Steve Hill: March 2 2013

    Steve Hill got an early start as a professional guitar player at the age of 16. By the time he was 20 he was already doing more than 200 gigs a year, which lead to the success of his first album in 1997. The album was voted Best Canadian Debut Recording by Vancouver’s Real Blues magazine who also proclaimed Hill to be the best young Blues guitar player in North America!merci de cliquer ici

  • Plaster

    Plaster: March 9 2013

    An explosion for the senses, this creative trio blends electro with real musical instruments. Come get your groove on and discover an entirely new take on indie music!merci de cliquer ici

  • Orange Orange

    Orange Orange: March 16 2013

    Explore this fascinating pair’s creative electro-rock genius before you fall under their spell.merci de cliquer ici

  • Beat Market

    Beat Market: March 23 2013

    Discover a new retro futuristic Euro Japanese sound that commands attention. Scenic performance supported by visual technology! merci de cliquer ici

  • Midaz & Ellie

    Midaz & Ellie: March 23 2013

    Come live it up with Midaz & Ellie, a Québec electro-pop pair that’s topping the charts! merci de cliquer ici

  • Buddy McNeil and the Magic Mirrors

    Buddy McNeil and the Magic Mirrors: March 30 2013

    Let yourself be swept off your feet by this sizzling fusion between teen pop from the 50s, and the depraved rhythms of the 60s. A long awaited performance!merci de cliquer ici

  • Jah & I

    Jah & I: April 6 2013

    Slip off into the universe of Jah & I, back to their authentic Jamaican roots. merci de cliquer ici


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